Hernia in the time of COVID-19


Hernia in the time of COVID-19

G. Campanelli    Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donat, University of Insubria, Milan, Italy

Dear Readers,


 As we work on this issue, the third of the year, we are, of course, all struggling in the face of the enormous healthcare difficulties end social tensions created by an unforeseen and unpredictable pandemic that is forcing us to reshape our daily lives. In the midst of all this, and all the difficulties we are all experiencing, I feel it is crucial that we do not lose sight of the importance of scientific activity and the production of scientific papers, which continue to be vital aspects of our professional loves.

 I would like to share with you a message that I have just received from one of our most prestigious Section Editors: “What brings some pleasure in these dark times is our cooperation for the Hernia journal. I have the strong feeling that the Journal is on a very good way. So, let us stay together and work on it . . . “. These words of encouragement gave me great pleasure, and should spur us all on at this time.



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